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SOLARSPEED.NET - Aventurine and BlueOnyx Server Appliances


SOLARSPEED.NET - BlueOnyx and Aventurin{e}

SOLARSPEED.NET - Aventurin{e} & BlueOnyx

Since 1998 SOLARSPEED.NET offers software for internet server appliances. In the early days these were servers such as Sun Cobalt and CentOS + BlueQuartz, but with the decline of those we started to offer our own server appliance software and support for it. 

In 2006 we developed Aventurin{e}, which is a Linux Virtualization Appliance for small and medium ISPs. In 2009 we released BlueOnyx, a stand alone OS with web based controlpanel and ideally suited for small and medium ISP's.


BlueOnyx is a Linux distribution (based on a modern enterprise linux) which aims at delivering a turnkey server appliance for webhosting. It comes with a web based GUI interface which allows you (and your email, FTP and webhosting clients!) to manage most aspects of the server, its sites and accounts through a browser based interface. It is open source software, released under a Sun modified BSD license.


Aventurin{e} allows you - with ease - to create and manage virtual private servers. These virtual private servers can even run different Linux and even Windows distributions as VPS's. On one Aventurin{e} master node you can run multiple different distributions side by side. This makes it ideal for ISPs or companies with their own IT infrastructure, as you can utilize your existing hardware in the most efficient fashion.

We also offer server migrations, Linux consulting and troubleshooting related to these appliances as well as regular support options.

We have put together a lot of software packages designed with the unique demands in mind which anyone who operates such a server appliance might have. Aside from commercially bundled software we also offer free downloads of ready to run PKG or RPM files.

Our software is designed to ensure a trouble free, relieable and secure operation of your server appliance - may that be an Aventurin{e} or BlueOnyx server. We also help out to troubleshoot specific issues which one might have with a server appliance and help with server migrations, installation of third party software or check servers for compromises and root kits.

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